Gale Shurinai Rebel Captain

Alias(es): Angel Boy (Later, just “Angel”), Psi, Shu
Age: 34
Birthday: 17 Seltis (2.17)
Height: 6’8”
Origin: Platinia
Race: Platinian (Glamoured Auronian)
Aura: Teal (Later, Blue)
Alliance: Against Corruption
Occupation: Rebel Captain (Head of Psi Ops)
Essence: Water

Gale was born as the child of the usurper king Kaito Shurinai, who was as fierce as he was sexist. Because of her fear of her husband’s rage, Gale’s mother taught them how to hide themselves from their father and glamour herself as a boy. Now, Gale struggles to come to terms with the death of a close friend—and his fate.


Likes: Music and dance, bubbles, aromatherapy
Dislikes: Sexual predators, violence, spicy foods
+: Loving, gentle, compassionate
-: Dramatic, reclusive, shy

Beneath a grieving shell is a wounded woman who loves and cares for everyone else’s wellbeing. Gale gives 

themselves to the point of exhaustion. They're empathetic to a fault and yet they has a hard time opening up to everyone else, unless they're overwhelmed. Gale glamours themselves as an Auronian male to hide their fragility from the world.


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