Gale Shurinai

Name: Gale ShurinaiAlias(es): (The) Azure Oracle, Shu, Angel BoyAge: 34Status: Active Gale was born as the child of the usurper king Kaito Shurinai, who was as fierce as he was sexist. Because of her fear of her husband’s rage, Gale’s mother taught her how to hide herself from her father and glamour herself as a…

Travis Naginata

Name: Travis NaginataAlias(es): (The) Sleeping Prince, Age: 32Status: Active Known as the Sleeping Prince, Travis is easily the least mentally stable of the first generation of dark princes. Travis has a cult-like obsession with his father, acting as a sort of satellite for the Hive Mind and invading the dreams of his victims. [Read more…]

Ashford Naginata

Name: Ashford Josephine NaginataAlias(es): Ash, (The) Sassy PrinceAge: 32 cyclesStatus: Active The sassy, saucy metrosexual prince, Ash spends his days on the prowl for any ladies looking to have a good time. Ash is the loudest and boldest of the first generation of dark princes, and he is always looking for sensual ways to spread “Daddy’s…

Luke Hirigani

Name: Luke Morpheus HiriganiAlias(es): (General) ZetaAge: 48 cyclesStatus: Active, relatively speaking The true prince of the fallen kingdom of Platinia, Luke is the lazy, unassuming leader of the Rebels, a secret army dedicated to leading the fight against the Corruption virus. [Read more…]Check out the detailed model here!  

Xenon Naginata

Name: Xenon NaginataAlias(es): Father, Corruption, NX1, Nagi, Naginata the DerangedAge: Unsure; His host is 26.Status: Active. The Corruption Virus; a friendly enough chap until you realize he’s trying to turn you into a tentacle monster. [Read more…]You can also get better acquainted here.

Andy Naginata

Name: Andy NaginataAlias(es): Remy; previously Andy RamirezAge: 35Status: Active Andy Naginata, previously known as Andy Ramirez, lived his previous life as a cop who worked with occult cases. Now, he is a Noble Guardian who tries to avoid his duties, especially if his mentor is awake. [Read more…]

Who–Er–What is Nagi?

An artist. A lover. But of course, we can’t forget the more concerning quality Xenon has: he’s a virus. Xenon Naginata, often called “Nagi” or “Father,” is a sentient virus. He is self-aware and has a strange obsession with “bonding.” Whatever that means, it can’t be good, right? Not necessarily. He seems like he’s a nice guy! So why…

Design Journal: The Corrupted (“Awake”)

The Corrupted…it’s a concept I’ve been struggling with for the longest time. There are a few design notes I’ve been scribbling down, and seeing as though horror isn’t my forte, the best I can do is scribble these ideas until something sticks…

Happy National Coffee Day!

Yo! Happy (Inter)National Coffee Day! You know who else loves his coffee? Luke. It’s more sugar with a side of coffee. Fun factoid: if Luke takes his coffee black, it’s a sure sign that he’s relapsing. The weird thing is that Luke LOVES sweet, creamy coffee whether or not he’s Corrupted, but he only likes it…

Rose for Shurinai is now on Webtoons!

Big news! TwistedFates: A Rose for Shurinai is on Webtoons! While I’m still working on getting things in order so that I can provide a steady flow of content, I wanted to see how many platforms I can get the comic hosted on. There ARE Smackjeeves and Tapastic…//HUFF but there are so many venues. That’s…