RfS: Late Post

Hey, all! I just want to let you know that the next page of Rose for Shurinai is going to drop late. I can’t give an exact date at the moment but I have actually started inking the page a while ago. I want to say it should be ready in the next week or so. I’ll def keep you posted. Have a great week!

Updates 8.8.18

Happy August! I hope everyone is comfortable out there. I have some updates for you! First and foremost, if you were already a member and can’t access your account, I HAVE to apologize. After the site was compromised I had to clean out the database and start everything from scratch, which is the WORST. For the record, I did backup everything. Alas, it was too late. //shakes fist

Everything is going to be a little sparse for a while until we get a bigger community going. THEN I can start worrying about forums and all the like.

I’ll keep you all posted. Have a great week(end)!

Back From the Dead / Rebuilding

After a crappy turn of events, I’ve got the site up and running again. I’ve lost all of the work and content I generated for the site, and while the data loss was painful I do see the silver lining of some of it:

  • Rose for Shurinai is now hosted on this site, which means the communities have been integrated. This was something I’ve aspired to do for a very long time, as I have no real coding knowledge on how to link this site to, say, a site run with a completely different CMS.
  • I can make the site’s theme as clean and minimal as possible. That way there isn’t too much going on.

There’s also the question of what I’d do if the community takes off, like integrating the pearls points system into a rewards system that will grant prizes and user profile badges and all that stuff. Maybe I’d employ the help of moderators and/or admins. I’ve been known to make huge investments that flop, so um… That will be a conversation for another day.  That’s more of a personal thing. In the meantime, I will be restoring the site’s content, as well as setting goals in the Patreon regarding getting one of these dumb 1-year premium subscriptions all the security apps are making a fuss about. I am also coming up with a thank you wall of sorts on the front page for my sponsors and supporters. This and more updates are on the way! If you have any ideas, let me know!