[CJ] October Approaches…

Oh, October!

A handful of us knows it as that harrowing month of the year when all of the spooks and screams erupt from the boundaries of the mortal realms. I suppose Ambrosia is no exception to the rule. So many people celebrate it in such different ways that you lose track of all of the cultural similarities and differences. While the others view it as a horrid time of year, I see it as an opportunity to get candy. A LOT of candy. There’s also the perk of being able to see the most adorable little ghosts and vampires and… GOODNESS.

I can’t say that La Seri is any bit different from the outside worlds, though people don’t favor me that well. There’s a lot of screaming and facing scrutiny from the lost who think we’re evil. The screams are echoing off the walls and mountains year-round. Here in Oniyex, my children take it as an opportunity to dress as CUTE AND CUDDLY as possible. It makes me happy, and it’s a gentle reminder that my children and I are no different from you, wherever you are. The 31st of October, “Halloween,” as the people of Earth call it, is my brother Destiny’s birthday. He’s less than enthused about it. We’re still going to have a party for him, even if we have to drag him out of his library. On that note, here. Look at how PRECIOUS my babies are! These pictures are from a few cycles ago.

Much love, my darlings. I await your arrival with open arms.