Facts about Luke

Luke’s birthday was last Friday (January 4th). While I didn’t get to celebrate, I think it’s best I didn’t, considering he’s a jerk and doesn’t want anyone to know he was born.

So, screw it! At the risk of getting shot, here’s 10 facts about Luke Hirigani, the king of sloths.

  1. Luke’s gamer tag is “demApples.”
  2. Luke didn’t always have blond and green hair! He originally had black and white hair, but that was changed later in favor of blonde and green (I may or may not have been obsessed with Jak and Daxter).
  3. Luke likes to have sugar with a little bit of coffee.
  4. His favorite color is red.
  5. He is obsessed with playing first-person shooters online and with keeping his “Kill/Death” ratio in check.
  6. He really loves animals. It’s rumored that he can talk to the smallest mouse and the biggest dragon. He’s actually friends with a few of them.
  7. Luke’s spirit animal is more than likely a sloth/dragon hybrid.
  8. There’s a LOT of sugar in Luke’s diet.
  9. Luke doesn’t hate children, he just hates that they have to exist around him.
  10. Luke struggles to get a normal sleep schedule. That is, he barely sleeps.
Luke, as drawn by Negyek.