Perks for Orribu’s Patrons!

Patron Rewards: Lifetime Support Redemption

To make the experience rewarding for patrons across all tiers, I’ve opened a new incentive that should (hopefully) make you, my sponsor, feel super important and awesome!

I often hold digital promotions where I offer digital commissions for a discounted price. But here’s the super cool part: during these promotions, you can redeem some of your Lifetime Support Balance(herein referred to as “LSB”) to get one of these for no additional cost! This means that over the time you support me, you’re actually building up “vouchers” that you can use later!

What “Promos” Can I Redeem my Lifetime Support Balance for?

From here on out, the image on the left will be displayed where you can redeem your LSB. Usually, these promotions will consist of “what would you/your OC look like” in one of my projects to keep things relevant.

Where Will the Promos Be Announced?

Super good question! To keep things simple, the promos will be announced on, as that is my front for creating and sharing art. This venue is subject to change, and when it is, I will notify all users of the change. This of course doesn’t mean that you HAVE to have an account on DeviantART, but it would surely be preferred.

How to Redeem:

  1. Make sure you are aware of your LSB before making a request! You can of course message me to confirm how much your lifetime support balance is.
  2. With this amount in mind, check the services offered in the promotion. Usually, the promotions will offer $1 mystery commissions, $3 “chibis” or $5 bust portraits. These prices and offers, of course, are subject to change.
  3. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A DEVIANTART ACCOUNT: Using the instructions provided in the promotion, send an email to with “Promo: [Promo Name] Redemption” as your subject.
  4. After we confirm your identity as one of my patrons and your LSB, we’ll make an agreement of what you’ll receive! At this time, I will tell you your remaining LSB after redeeming for the promotion.


  1. You can only redeem once per promotion, and only the fixed amount that the promotion offers (i.e. redeem $2 of your $5 lifetime support for a $2 commission).
    1. You can still get multiple slots of each promotion, but only one will be “free” in accordance with this LSB Redemption agreement.
  2. Lifetime Support Balance (LSB) is good for digital services only, and only any “special” promotions where the orange tag is displayed.
    1. If you want to negotiate for an actual commission, check my commission details instead. You will get a special discount (often 10%-25% depending on your pledge)!
  3. Please refrain from constant check-ins on your commission. Constant check-ins result in my concentration/work flow being rattled and thus slows productivity.
    1. If you want to get updates on your commission as I make progress, we can discuss that at negotiation.
  4. Sometimes, multiple artists will be working on the commission. Upon redeeming your LSB and negotiating with me, you’re okay with the fact that you’ll possibly be receiving art from another artist. (NOTE: This won’t go in effect until things really pick up and I have more patrons redeeming their LSBs for the promotions.)
  5. You have to have successfully supported me for at least 3 consecutive months before redeeming again.
    1. If you’ve declined support recently, you can’t redeem your LSB until you’ve fulfilled the above condition.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below! I will get back to you as soon as I can!