[CN] Gale Shurinai

Basic Info

Alias: Angel Boy || The Azure Oracle
34 cycles
Wielder Type: 
Aura Art Type: 
Neutral (later, Pure)
Essence Trigger: 
Bubble Wand
Against Corruption


Birth daughter of Kaito Shurinai
Friend of Andy Ramirez (later, Andy Naginata)
‘Child’ of Xenon Naginata
Friend of Luke Hirigani /Luke Naginata
Royal Guard of Incubus the Benevolent
later, Right hand of Luke Hirigani

Notes (chronological)

  1. Separated from the usurper Kaito Shurinai at birth.
  2. Gale’s mother wanted her to focus on schooling.
    1. Gale’s mother also taught him to hide his real identity (Princess of Platinia). Yep, Gale’s a lady!
  3. Met Andy in boarding school.
    1. The two went on various adventures together.
    2. They usually sneaked out of school to go on said adventures.
  4. Gale reveals he is actually a girl!
    1.  Andy promises to keep it a secret.
  5. Gale returns home with her mother. Kaito finds out that Gale is a girl, and Kaito attacks Gale’s mother out of rage. “Only the son of the king can be heir”.
  6. Platinian genocide kicks off. Gale is abducted, but not before she watches her mother become part of the Nero Oracle.
  7. Becomes a “child” of the Corruption virus.
    1. Later, Gale becomes the apprentice of Incubus the Benevolent.
  8. Accompanies Luke (and sometimes Naginata himself) on missions, or as Nagi eventually calls them, “walks”.
  9. Assists Luke in his assault on old job by protecting (and later, abducting) Rachel, Luke’s love interest.
    1. Other collaborations with Luke include “robbing” morgues and creating an outbreak with Naginata and Luke in a Saphanian hospital.
  10. Later, Gale is contacted by Luke, who voices concern for a boy that Nagi brought in.
    1. Gale is taken over by the Hive Mind and attacks Luke.
  11. When freed from the Hive Mind’s influence, Gale helps Luke break Terry out of Oniyex.
  12. Gale becomes Luke’s left hand in the Rebels guild.



  1. Hide identity.
  2. Perform well in school.
    -[Meets Andy]-
  3. Go on adventures! See the world!

-Teen (Corrupted)

  1. Spread Father’s (Nagi’s) love, in the form of the virus.
  2. Serve Incubus as a (hand) maiden.
  3. Master the violin.

-Teen (“Cured”)

  1. Protect the innocent from Corruption.
  2. Build confidence, accept her natural beauty.


  1. Glamour is an Auronian male.
  2. Plays a giant ivory harp (after being “cured” of Corruption).
  3. Strings the harp with strands of her hair.
  4. Loves to blow bubbles. She finds it therapeutic.