Aether Resort- Pocket Dimension

I’m kicking off the summer with the debut of a role-playing group I’ve been working on for a little bit. Around 5 years ago, I started an OCT that was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. Sadly, I was unable to fund/run the OCT any longer, until recently when Brittu gave me a super cool idea: make it into a roleplaying group.

So that’s what I’m doing! The story behind Aether Resort is that Xenon Naginata and his accomplices run a resort in a pocket dimension. While Aether Resort seems like an innocent enough vacation spot, rumors and creatures begin emerging that causes concern among the residents. At the end of each season (summer and winter), CMYK come together to reveal their true selves and motives– but of course, no one’s suspected this. I’d go more in depth about the “creatures” that emerge and what not, but that’d be SPOILERS!

As you would have guessed, Aether Resort does take place in the same pocket dimension as A Cup of Sugar and Megaman X: Hybrid. Aether represents the cracks in the magic barrier that keeps Nagi trapped in La Seri.

I am SUPER stoked to launch this group, and I hope it’ll build interest in the world of Ambrosia! I’ll keep you all posted as the adventure goes on.

Side Story: “Sweet Heart”

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A girl who suffers intense abuse runs off to the wasteland and hides in a weird cave. Or is it a cave?

Random story I started putting together while I was drawing on my phone. I liked it, so I touched it up in photoshop and decided to publish it. I’m still working on the other pages, but they’ll be randomly released and posted. I’m using it as practice and a way to warm up to/cool down from making pages of Rose for Shurinai. I want to have fun making art, dang it!!! >:T