[CN] Gale Shurinai

Basic Info

Alias: Angel Boy || The Azure Oracle
34 cycles
Wielder Type: 
Aura Art Type: 
Neutral (later, Pure)
Essence Trigger: 
Bubble Wand
Against Corruption


Birth daughter of Kaito Shurinai
Friend of Andy Ramirez (later, Andy Naginata)
‘Child’ of Xenon Naginata
Friend of Luke Hirigani /Luke Naginata
Royal Guard of Incubus the Benevolent
later, Right hand of Luke Hirigani

Notes (chronological)

  1. Separated from the usurper Kaito Shurinai at birth.
  2. Gale’s mother wanted her to focus on schooling.
    1. Gale’s mother also taught him to hide his real identity (Princess of Platinia). Yep, Gale’s a lady!
  3. Met Andy in boarding school.
    1. The two went on various adventures together.
    2. They usually sneaked out of school to go on said adventures.
  4. Gale reveals he is actually a girl!
    1.  Andy promises to keep it a secret.
  5. Gale returns home with her mother. Kaito finds out that Gale is a girl, and Kaito attacks Gale’s mother out of rage. “Only the son of the king can be heir”.
  6. Platinian genocide kicks off. Gale is abducted, but not before she watches her mother become part of the Nero Oracle.
  7. Becomes a “child” of the Corruption virus.
    1. Later, Gale becomes the apprentice of Incubus the Benevolent.
  8. Accompanies Luke (and sometimes Naginata himself) on missions, or as Nagi eventually calls them, “walks”.
  9. Assists Luke in his assault on old job by protecting (and later, abducting) Rachel, Luke’s love interest.
    1. Other collaborations with Luke include “robbing” morgues and creating an outbreak with Naginata and Luke in a Saphanian hospital.
  10. Later, Gale is contacted by Luke, who voices concern for a boy that Nagi brought in.
    1. Gale is taken over by the Hive Mind and attacks Luke.
  11. When freed from the Hive Mind’s influence, Gale helps Luke break Terry out of Oniyex.
  12. Gale becomes Luke’s left hand in the Rebels guild.



  1. Hide identity.
  2. Perform well in school.
    -[Meets Andy]-
  3. Go on adventures! See the world!

-Teen (Corrupted)

  1. Spread Father’s (Nagi’s) love, in the form of the virus.
  2. Serve Incubus as a (hand) maiden.
  3. Master the violin.

-Teen (“Cured”)

  1. Protect the innocent from Corruption.
  2. Build confidence, accept her natural beauty.


  1. Glamour is an Auronian male.
  2. Plays a giant ivory harp (after being “cured” of Corruption).
  3. Strings the harp with strands of her hair.
  4. Loves to blow bubbles. She finds it therapeutic.

The Chamber of Wisdom


Quick notes on the Chamber of Wisdom, where Luke sees his pop for the first time in a long while.
This hasn’t occurred in the Rose for Shurinai reboot yet, but i wanted to get a general idea of the environment that Logan sits in.
The Chamber of Wisdom is some several hundred feet below sea level in Oniyex’s Crystal Caverns and is one of the gateways to Cloud 9, where Destiny watches over the Book of Fate. Logan can’t really leave this chamber since the Corruption has him trapped inside.
I’m still working out the details of this location, but I hope to be able to bring it to life in the near future! That’d be cool, right? :3

[CN] Travis Naginata

Basic Info

Alias: The One-Eyed Prince
29 cycles
Wielder Type:
Aura Art Type:
Essence Trigger:
For Corruption


Son of Xenon and Incubus Naginata
Trains Andy Naginata
Brother of Ash, Kitsu, Miechika Naginata
Uncle of Musa, Kusa, Maxi, Musiq Naginata

Notes (chronological)

  1. Started off as a mutated parasite. Since he was half cloaked and half released, he was in a lot of pain.
  2. Was fed Black Venom at birth.
    1. Naginata wanted to see if he could ease the pain. It worked!
    2. Thus, Travis became the first successful Parasite-humanoid hybrid. As such, half his face is mutated.
  3. Naginata noticed Travis’ unusual interactions with the Guardians.
    1. Travis, when talking to the Guardians, would actually speak in the Hive Mind’s voice, even without a mask.
    2. Travis would never sleep and always was found near a flock of Guardians.
  4. Travis starts complaining about pain in the left side of his face.
    1. Naginata, after brainstorming with Incubus and Drakken, decide to give Travis half a Guardian’s mask.
    2. The mask, acting as a shell, helps protect his face from traces of Pure Aura in La Seri.
  5. Travis proceeds to accompany Guardians on their patrols.
    1. He takes particular interest in watching the Guardians swallow their victims.
    2. He later finds out about “Masking”, which in his mind is what saved his life. It becomes his favorite method of Corruption.
  6. Begins homeschool with Ash, Kitsu, Miechika, and others. (Who is the teacher?)
    1. Daydreamed a lot, performing poorly in school. He was good at drawing, though.
    2. He often sneaked out to be with the Guardians.
  7. Naginata inspires him to perform better in school by announcing that the princes would become Guardians upon graduation.
  8. Travis, Ash, Kitsu, and Miechika graduate!
  9. On his first official patrol as a Guardian, he notices people suffering from major poisoning.
    1. He masks them. (To him, he’s “saving” them).
  10. Later, he and the other princes get their own units of Guardians.



  1. Be near the Guardians. He felt safe around them.


  1. Improve performance in school.
  2. Graduate and become a Guardian.


  1. “Save” the people of La Seri.


  1. Left half of his face is mutated.
  2. Wears a half-mask over the left side of his face.
  3. Ever since he got his new mask, he speaks and both his and the Hive Mind’s voice.

[CN] Andy Naginata

Basic Info

Alias: Remy || (previously known as Andy Ramirez)
36 cycles
Wielder Type:
Aura Art Type: 
Essence Trigger: 
For Corruption


Friend of Gale Shurinai
Ex-Employee of Jonathan Welkov
“Child” of Xenon Naginata
Student (Guardian) of Travis Naginata

Notes (chronological)

  1. Gale Shurinai’s childhood friend.
    1. They used to go to boarding school together (in Auron) and explore the mountains.
  2. Andy often visits his parents for vacation.
    1. He visited his parents during winter break, when Gale is kidnapped and Platinia is ruined.
  3. Finishes his studies in Auron. Obsesses over Gale’s disappearance.
    1. Andy does some research about Platinia to find out what happened, with the help of his father.
    2. Andy’s dad manages to get in touch with the special forces in Saphania.
    3. Dr. Rolaeko sponsors Andy’s research.
  4. While with the special forces, Andy runs into a familiar person. (Gale)
    1. They often run into each other, Gale often playing games of “cat and mouse” with him.
  5. They reunite after Gale has been freed from the Corruption.
    1. At this point, Andy is the assistant liaison for Auron’s communication with the Hunters (special forces). (He is a member of the Auroninan Authority of Communications)
  6. Andy worked with the commissioner of Auronian police, Jonathan Welkov after concerning reports of Corrupted activity in Auron.
    1. Since Andy has no authority to command the police, he has to work “under” Jon.
  7. After being framed for an attack on Auron (Jon framed him), Andy saves Gale from a murder attempt.
    1. Andy passes, having taken the shot.
    2. He is resurrected by the Corruption.
  8. Some time later, he finds his “old body” and consumes it, also obtaining his dog tags (his essence trigger).


-Young Adult (College)

  • Find out what exactly happened to Gale by studying Platinia.

-Adult (Secret Forces/Hunters)

  • Continue studies. At this point, he learns from Dr. Rolaeko Menguishi that the Corruption Virus more than likely had something to do with Platinia’s eradication.

(Joins the Auronian Authority of Communications as assistant to the Hunter-Auronian liaison. Dies when protecting Gale.)


  • Spread the love of Corruption.
  • Protect Gale from Travis (later).


  1. Carries his Guardian unit in his right arm. (Corrupted)
  2. Uses a gun sword.
  3. Often wears only one sleeve of his Guardian’s cloak.
  4. Wears his own dog tag.