Character Concept Sketch: Kitsu Naginata

Kitsu Nagina
Fun Fact about Kitsu: He’s not actually blind. While he lost his standard eyesight, he gained the ability to see in “Aura Vision” permanently. Because of this, his senses are heightened even more, and he’s become possibly an even deadlier gunner than Luke. I haven’t drawn him in a long time, so I wanted to give his design a bit of a rehash. He still has his classic fur-trimmed collar, but instead of several hair “appendages”, I cut it down to one to make him resemble his mother a bit more. This sketch is a bit messy, though, and I might do a few more gloss-overs to refine his design before he appears in the next page of Rose for Shurinai.

Main Characters.

(left to right) Gale Shurinai, Luke Hirigani, Terrance Livingston, and Xenon Naginata.
(left to right) Gale Shurinai, Luke Hirigani, Terrance Livingston, and Xenon Naginata.

Here you go, guys, the four main characters of TwistedFates! Of course, I use that term lightly, because a lot of characters have prominent roles in this story. Super psyched about getting this done, actually. I was thinking about making these into double-sided charms or acrylic stands some time in the future. That’d be top! I’ve developed a habit of not drawing Nagi’s goggles lately. Either I’m subconsciously phasing them out of his design, or– well yeah. That’s what I’m doing.

I’m trying to find my style lately, and this seems to be a nice start. Exaggerating body types (or something like that), cute faces, all that good stuff. Of course… I say this like I’m doing this with the technical aspect in mind. >___>

Nahh, I just want to design them so that in the long run they end up being easier to animate. Because I want to get back into that groove. Animating. Yes.

Neways, if I manage to get more visuals of characters in this style done, I’ll be certain to update the gallery. That’d be cool.


Side Story: “Sweet Heart”

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A girl who suffers intense abuse runs off to the wasteland and hides in a weird cave. Or is it a cave?

Random story I started putting together while I was drawing on my phone. I liked it, so I touched it up in photoshop and decided to publish it. I’m still working on the other pages, but they’ll be randomly released and posted. I’m using it as practice and a way to warm up to/cool down from making pages of Rose for Shurinai. I want to have fun making art, dang it!!! >:T