Writing/Drawing Prompts

I’m working on a list of practice prompts for future TwistedFates side comics/stories. These will break me out of my shell or serve as a warm up. Maybe a bit of both! If you have any suggestions, feel free to pitch in! And of course, if you’d like to take a crack at any of these prompts, let me know! I’d love to see what you guys come up with. e we

  1. Luke undergoes (and fails) sensitivity training.
  2. Fire drill? Perfect opportunity to figure out what “bastard” stole someone’s food or something of equal importance.
  3. “Boss Appreciation Day”.
  4. “Community Spirit” Event(s).
  5. [Holiday] Party.
  6. Corrupted/Rebel stalemate during the most mundane tasks ever. (Grocery shopping, dropping off mail, etc.)
  7. ______ gets snowed in.
  8. Board Game Night.
  9. Video Game Tournament
  10. ______’s birthday.
  11. ______ can’t sleep.
  12. Weapon safety classes.
  13. Bad luck.
  14. Coffee.
  15. Spicy food eating contest.
  16. [Name(s)] watch [a movie, a sport, etc.]
  17. How _____ reacts to cute things.
  18. ______ go(es) to a restaurant. Clearly, they’re not from around.
  19. Ask ______!
  20. Lunch Break.

[CN] Andy Naginata

Basic Info

Alias: Remy || (previously known as Andy Ramirez)
36 cycles
Wielder Type:
Aura Art Type: 
Essence Trigger: 
For Corruption


Friend of Gale Shurinai
Ex-Employee of Jonathan Welkov
“Child” of Xenon Naginata
Student (Guardian) of Travis Naginata

Notes (chronological)

  1. Gale Shurinai’s childhood friend.
    1. They used to go to boarding school together (in Auron) and explore the mountains.
  2. Andy often visits his parents for vacation.
    1. He visited his parents during winter break, when Gale is kidnapped and Platinia is ruined.
  3. Finishes his studies in Auron. Obsesses over Gale’s disappearance.
    1. Andy does some research about Platinia to find out what happened, with the help of his father.
    2. Andy’s dad manages to get in touch with the special forces in Saphania.
    3. Dr. Rolaeko sponsors Andy’s research.
  4. While with the special forces, Andy runs into a familiar person. (Gale)
    1. They often run into each other, Gale often playing games of “cat and mouse” with him.
  5. They reunite after Gale has been freed from the Corruption.
    1. At this point, Andy is the assistant liaison for Auron’s communication with the Hunters (special forces). (He is a member of the Auroninan Authority of Communications)
  6. Andy worked with the commissioner of Auronian police, Jonathan Welkov after concerning reports of Corrupted activity in Auron.
    1. Since Andy has no authority to command the police, he has to work “under” Jon.
  7. After being framed for an attack on Auron (Jon framed him), Andy saves Gale from a murder attempt.
    1. Andy passes, having taken the shot.
    2. He is resurrected by the Corruption.
  8. Some time later, he finds his “old body” and consumes it, also obtaining his dog tags (his essence trigger).


-Young Adult (College)

  • Find out what exactly happened to Gale by studying Platinia.

-Adult (Secret Forces/Hunters)

  • Continue studies. At this point, he learns from Dr. Rolaeko Menguishi that the Corruption Virus more than likely had something to do with Platinia’s eradication.

(Joins the Auronian Authority of Communications as assistant to the Hunter-Auronian liaison. Dies when protecting Gale.)


  • Spread the love of Corruption.
  • Protect Gale from Travis (later).


  1. Carries his Guardian unit in his right arm. (Corrupted)
  2. Uses a gun sword.
  3. Often wears only one sleeve of his Guardian’s cloak.
  4. Wears his own dog tag.

WIP- Rose for Shurinai, page 9

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 6.23.35 PM

I got help on this one from @brittu ! Of course I’m still coloring, but her suggestions really helped as far as the storytelling element goes. I trust brittu’s feedback, as I look up to her as a story teller and sequential artist. Man, you should have seen the comics she made for my OCT back in what– 2011? It was super freaking amazing!! I’m actually looking forward to seeing her launch Guardian Angel.

These few pages with Gale and Terry talking are a new kind of beast for me. Terry’s a hacker/techno mage, and drawing him interacting with these holographs and other electronics kind of takes me back to when I first saw Iron Man in theaters. Dude. Tony Stark is my peanut butter and jam. Watching the special effects animation coupled with Tony’s movements was super cool and inspiring. I’m hoping to get that far in animation where I can actually show Terry Livingston using his computers and stuff. Also, after Cup of Sugar volume 1, I’ve decided to give him his “bunny teeth”. Coupled with his fangs, they look both adorable and menacing.

Time to get back to work on this bad boy. I hope to have this page released to sponsors by the end of the week. I’m still recovering from surgery though, but here’s to hoping. Any thoughts, guys?

Side Story: “Sweet Heart”

[slideshow_deploy id=’135′]

A girl who suffers intense abuse runs off to the wasteland and hides in a weird cave. Or is it a cave?

Random story I started putting together while I was drawing on my phone. I liked it, so I touched it up in photoshop and decided to publish it. I’m still working on the other pages, but they’ll be randomly released and posted. I’m using it as practice and a way to warm up to/cool down from making pages of Rose for Shurinai. I want to have fun making art, dang it!!! >:T

Rose for Shurinai (page 8 wip)

It’s super hard coming up with ideas for rooms and environments, but I have to do it because I want to add that layer of immersion to the TwistedFates world. So, I spent all day mapping out the room that Terry and Gale are talking in. It’s a struggle, but I have a general theme and a general floor plan.

Ah, and look at that handsome Guardian! :3c

….dude that’s all I got. Expect this page to come out this week, dear patrons! :3c

Fan Art section?

I don’t get fan art that often– and when I do it’s glorious and I just want to show it off.

So like… I don’t know. Should I make a gallery for fan art or something?

Or….. /something/??????????????

Seeing everyone’s interpretations of the characters and their (maybe) sonas would be super COOL.

Rose for Shurinai (secret) Launch!

It’s about as secret as I can “make it”! I had a few pages of A Rose for Shurinai ready and have released  them to my patrons and on RfS’s offical site!

I’ll be releasing the pages on Fridays on dA and tapastic. Which will be weird–I know– considering then the official comic site might not be updated until dA and Tapastic are caught up! However, as I finish pages, my Patrons will of course see tbem.

So… I’m actually psyched about this reboot, though there are parts I’ll miss from the old version, like the part with Ash freaking out about Kitsu.


I don’t know. Something about the bottom three panels just… takes me back, you know? Man. MAN.
Gosh, I’m so hype.

So I want to get as many Rose for Shurinai pages done as physically possible in my state. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to employ my sister’s help, but she’s gotta do her college stuff. (EWWW). I’m just kidding. But seriously, my sister’s going for her illustration degree and during her time she’s learned a lot about composition, color theory and all that good jazz. She’s helped me with these recent pages of RfS and hopefully that will show! Because I struggle a lot with making comics. >>

A difference between the original Rose for Shurinai and its reboot is that I’m drawing the characters in a “chibi” style. This is because it’s easier on my hands and mind to squeeze the pages out. BUT! There will be intermission illustrations and the like where I’ll try for the more “realistic-ish” style!

Aaaand that’s it! SO! Let me know if you’ve any questions. I’d love to talk to you guys about the webcomic and the future of the project.  If you’re feeling generous and wanna help me keep TwistedFates online, I’m running a Patreon campaign where you don’t have to pay me until I get off my lazy butt and WORK! >:3

So– yeah. That’s a thing. :3c


Hello Hello!

If you’re reading this, either you’ve been granted access to the site during its development OR the site is already up and running. In which case, welcome!

My name’s Olive and I’ll be taking you through the mystical world of Ambrosia as we figure out this “Corruption” business. But be careful. Since we’re here, he can hear us and smell our hormones or something weird like that. That’s– well that’s a probability. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! I’ll be more than happy to tell you everything I know about the project. If you want to know more about Ambrosia and the War Against Corruption, you’re more than likely to get the deets from Terry Livingston (someone who actually lives in Ambrosia).

If you’re new or want to refresh your memory on the series and its timeline, start here!

Good luck, and thank you for reading! 😀