Xenon Naginata is a humanoid virus who seeks to Corrupt the planet of Ambrosia, but ends up being stuck on a Phantom Island due to a spell cast by the gods. Luke was an obese college graduate whose life was forever changed when he was abducted and forced to become Xenon's right hand man, only to escape the virus' wrath some time later. TwistedFates tells the story of the clash of these two men of royalty-- and the domino effect of consequences that arise as a result.

  • Part 1: For Better or Worse

    "A single effect may have many causes..."

    The attempted murdering of Cid Hirigani spawns a confusing, raging vendetta from a deranged Emperor against one of his ex-best men. As fate would have it, these two end up having to work together to eliminate a common enemy who's backed by the Military. Will Luke Hirigani, a man desperately seeking to part from his past, swallow his pride and collaborate with his ex-master?

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  • Part 2: A Rose for Shurinai

    There's an "ultimate gift". At what cost do we receive it?
    Gale Shurinai has been through hell since the battle on the Saphra Mountains. One of his best friends, "Remy", has become a Guardian, and he's constantly stalked by the clan ever since his secret had been revealed to the Oniyan Emperor. Even worse, the Emperor wants him and his associates to return to the clan! Will Shurinai conjure up the strength to break Remy's curse, or will he fall to the hands of Corruption and become a shadow of himself-- again?

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  • .introspection.

    Perhaps the answers lie here...

    .introspection. (work in progress) Brings to light the answers to many questions: why does Luke hate Naginata so much? What happened after the Warlords were sealed away? These and many more mysteries will be revealed in this three-part novel.

    Estimated print release: Summer 2015

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Branching out...

Corruption Seeps through the Cracks in the Hurricane.

The virus doesn't just exist in this small corner of the planes of existence. Read, watch, and interact as the Corruption slithers about in these engaging crossovers and spinoffs!

  • Megaman X: Hybrid

    An AU fan comic.

    X, Zero and Axl wake up in a strange alternate reality after failing to rescue a mysterious ambassador. Now, as "secret agents", they must figure out what happened-- all while defending the citizens from members of a strangely familiar criminal organization.

  • Solar Eclipse

    "Meet me at Twilight."

    Once upon a time, the Sun loved the Moon very much; so much that she wanted to break the laws of the stars to be with him.

  • Room 301

    An indie RPG.

    A class of underdogs lead the assault against an extremist organization who threatens to destroy their school. That'd be easily done, but there's another variable involved-- and it wants to eat the entire school.

  • A Cup of Sugar

    Oi, Neighbor!

    Hello, neighbor! Meet the residents of Aether Heights, an apartment complex where only the strangest tenants live. Join secret agents, monsters, psychics, and sentient viruses alike as they deal with day to day life. All it takes to kick off these relationships can be as simple and old-fashioned as a cup of sugar.

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